Favorite products or services:

High Stereo App

Favorite features (Phone version): Equalizer for local music library. Offers 10 or 30 bands option. Radio option. Great looking interface. Available in App Store

March 2024

Synth One App

Synthesizer app: great sound and functions. Available in App Store for free. Compatible with Music Studio and other apps.

March 2024

Visible Mobile

Favorite feature: low monthly cost for unlimited talk, text and data for as low as 25$/mo. with no Contract

March 2024

Music Si App

The version available in App Store. Search and play videos from YouTube or Soundcloud. Favorite features:
The ability to use an EQ on YouTube videos. Play videos in the background or while you in locked screen. Save playlists within the app or from a YouTube account.

March 2024

Google keep

Google Keep is great for creating lists. Favorite function: the ability to check off items on a list. For example when grocery shopping in the store I can check off items after they are in the cart. Lists are saved within your google account. Great free app.

March 2024

Google Account

Having a google account will grant access to so many tools that can be used for free. Here is a list of just some of what google offers.


March 2024